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Styling - Personal Wardrobe - $45 per hour, 3 hour minimum. These can be non-consecutive hours.

  •  Let’s work together on helping you find the most powerful expression of you! You don’t ‘need’ to follow trends (but you can) or dress like you ‘think’ you should to develop or transform your style. Together we can find what best reflects who you are to the world through color, cut, pattern and more. You may feel stuck in your style and not know what to buy or you may know what works for you and just want to take it to the next level of expression. This includes working with existing items and re-thinking your wardrobe with new outfit combos. We can develop a shopping needs list based on your lifestyle that can be easily attained at any price point. I can even assist you in curating a wardrobe meant for you specifically from second hand or sustainably made clothing, thereby reducing your environmental impact. Or we can shop at your favorite high end store or online. Whatever helps you find YOU. Event or special occasion styling is also available. This may also include closet audits or shopping services at your discretion, see below.

Closet Audits - $45 per hour, 2 hour minimum. These are consecutive hours.

  • You’re entering a judgement free zone. An ideal session includes us first diving into the style that best defines who you are. This way we can truly organize, minimize, alter and re-style the items in your closet to work for your life. If you’re all in, I’m here to help you renew, replace, alter or fall in love again with the things you wear that help you live your most authentic self. If access and organization are your only concerns, then a targeted re-styling doesn’t necessarily have to be part of the audit. We can just re-hang, shuffle and re-imagine storage of all your current items.

Personal Shopping - $40 per hour, one hour pre-shopping required if in person.

  • As part of a style refresh or closet audit, we can identify a list of items that will complement your wardrobe and work with your budget and lifestyle. If you’re simply looking for that one perfect piece but don’t have time to find it, I can help with that too. If you’re looking to supplement or grow your current wardrobe, we can go from a small refresh to a full transformation. I believe in finding the right pieces for you while also understanding your financial, emotional, environmental and expressive needs.

Styling - Photo or Film - Rate varies per project. Some trade available.

  • I have a broad range of experience in helping to bring together a vision for photoshoots, theater, movies, music videos, etc. This includes wardrobe, styling, idea execution and more. Please reach out about your project and I may be able to help bring your vision to life.

Custom sewing - $30 per hour, no minimum, per project.

  • I have many years of construction and design experience to share. I would love to work with you to help execute the vision you have for a custom garment. My clients say I am able to truly listen to their ideas and provide them with a product they love, at a price and timeline that makes sense for them. Let’s work together on your dream garment. Free consultations available.

For any of the above services, please email